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Free Download ˼EasyProfiles (Pro) v4.7.11a

Written By Josephine R Dansby on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | 12:00 PM

ɷ ɷ EasyProfiles an intuitive, flexible, battery v tool which allows aomatily manually switch beten profiles have defined. A profile a ion of stem setngs select device behave would each situation (quiet, loud, GPS , etc). ɷ re also a two eks trial version available test! ɷ Best profile manager android! ɷ define rules activate each profile accord events criteria have defined. combination of profiles rules EasyProfiles a porful stem enable Android device behave would wherever are. ɷ Profile Attribes are: ɷ WIRELESS CONTROLS ɷ Airplane mode ɷ Bluetooth ɷ GPS* *G ɷ Wifi ɷ AoSync ɷ background data *R ɷ data roam *R ɷ Mobile network* *G(Attenon Froyo users: have enable mobile data connection stem setngs, bee EasyProfiles able switch it!) ɷ Radio (toggles phone/SMS connection) *G ɷ APN setngs ɷ 2G/3G/4G switch *R (GSM !) ɷ 4G / WiMAX* ɷ Hotspot* ɷ DISPLAY ɷ Aomatic screen brightness ɷ Screen brightness ɷ Display time ɷ AoRotate ɷ Wallpaper(Animated wallpapers *R!) ɷ patternlock switch *R ɷ SOUND ɷ Rer mode ɷ Rer volume ɷ Notification vibration ɷ Notification volume ɷ Stem volume ɷ Media volume ɷ Speaker mode (use phone hands free device) ɷ Rtone ɷ Notification tone ɷ Sound effects ɷ Haptic feedback ɷ Dtmf tone when dial ɷ ADVANCED FEATURES ɷ Rer group exception* ɷ ( may define contact groups (kind of 'VIP') persons it need exceptional handl. I.e. incom ls belong of specified groups are suppressed, if rer . vice ver if rer off, se ls are indicated by normal rer sounds.) ɷ SMS group exception* (me Rer group exception, b t attribe considers SMS instead of ls.) ɷ Suppress individual contact rtones* ɷ Screenlock* ɷ Aomatily Ansr ls ɷ HTC Scene* ɷ Preferred Inp Method *R ɷ Rer Volume lock ɷ Aomatic Profile Switches based : ɷ ɷ ek ɷ currently activated profile ɷ detected/miss Motion ɷ Bluetooth connection/disconnection ɷ Wifi connection/disconnection ɷ Headphones (plugged /) ɷ Battery Level ɷ Charg state ɷ endar Entry* ( keywords) ɷ Activation (limit wait anor event specified , n fire independently) ɷ Location (based mobile phone cells visible wifi hotspots GPS) ɷ Car / Desk Dock station ɷ eground lication (upon start stop) ɷ Additionally define actions events / profile (de-)activation: ɷ Start lication ɷ Stop lication* (not available FROYO) ɷ Notify (Notify self an event) ɷ Send SMS ɷ l a number (enables l ward) ɷ Loe Plugin Setng (use "loe" plugins also EasyProfiles!) ɷ Reboot *R ɷ Exece shortc (Especially combination GScript t becomes a very porful extension!) ɷ 's t version : (Updated : Oct 1, 2012) ɷ Some minor fixes. ɷ Required Android O/S : 2.1+ ɷ play: ɷ ɷ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...e.EasyProfiles ɷ Download: ɷ http://www.directmirror.com/files/OJK9XFSL

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