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Free Download ˼Dolphin Browser Beta v1.0.9

Written By Josephine R Dansby on Monday, October 1, 2012 | 5:00 PM

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: Android 2.3+ ɷ
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: Dolphin Browser Beta highest perm HTML5 browser available to. ɷ Dolphin Browser Beta ( Dolphin Engine) an improved bkit version extensive canvas enhancement behind--scenes technology makes it our fastest Dolphin yet. ɷ How fast? Dolphin Browser Beta's HTML-5 render : ɷ • 5 - 10X faster than default Android browser ɷ • 100% faster than Chrome (at times) ɷ • Initially scored over 450 when tested HTML5test.com. (HTML5test.com an industry respected tool test a browser’s support of HTML5) ɷ a score of over 450, highest tested, Dolphin has: ɷ • Full support b Worker ɷ • Full support b Socket ɷ • Full support b Audio ɷ • Support of Camera real- video display ɷ • Support of b Notification ɷ • Support of b GL ɷ • Support of b lication customization ɷ Besides HTML5 enhancements, Dolphin Browser Beta includes features Dolphin Browser (merly Dolphin Browser HD): ɷ ★ Sonar – Dolphin listens lets use voice search Internet, share favorite social networks, bookmark favorite bsite, navigate more. ɷ ★ Gesture - Let inner arst create a personal Gesture (symbol) access mobile desktop bsites use most. ɷ ★ bzine - Fast b page load, no ads. Dolphin bzine simplifies way read favorite mobile content, from blogs bsites. bzine now available an - Android Market. ɷ ★ Speed Dial - Visit favorite mobile desktop bsites go touch. ɷ ★ Tabbed brows - No need toggle beten screens, tabbed brows lets open switch beten b pages fast lightn. ɷ ★ Sidebars - best of mobile interface via Dolphin Sidebar. ɷ 's t version: ɷ 1. Improved HTML5 support ɷ 2. Improved JavaScript permance ɷ 3. Page load: Fixed white screen issue when load certain bpages certain devices ɷ 4. Various stability permance improvements ɷ play: ɷ ɷ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...browser.lab.en ɷ Download: ɷ http://www.directmirror.com/files/1ZY5QBT6 ɷ

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