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Free Download ˼Power Toggles 3.8.5 Final

Written By Josephine R Dansby on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 | 7:00 AM

unnamed.jpg ɷ Current Version: 3.8.5 ɷ Requires Android: 2.3 up ɷ Category: Tools ɷ V3.8.5 update: ɷ 3.8.5 ɷ Fix: Vibration setngs not affected if “Vibrate r” not selected volume toggle modes ɷ Fix: Motorola 1% battery hack ɷ 3.8.4 ɷ Added ‘Vibrate R’ option volume toggle ɷ Added option choose allod states volume toggle ɷ Added notification icon option: network type ɷ Added Sync Not bton (need permission GET_ACCOUNTS) ɷ Added option enable horiontal margin widget ɷ Added Motorola 1% battery hack ɷ Many UI fixes ɷ Added 10mins 30mins battery poll options ɷ
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: ɷ An advanced por control widget. FREE No ADS ɷ Please check user guide at: http://goo.gl/1yh0b ɷ bee mail me, most likely question already ansred FAQ. ɷ ** If find an issue, please mail me. I NOT respond comments market page. ɷ Contains follow toggle options : ɷ Wifi ɷ Mobile Data (3G/4G) ɷ 2G/3G toggle (2-Click) ɷ WiMax (4G EVO) ɷ Bluetooth ɷ Bluetooth discovery ɷ Data Sync/ Sync Now ɷ Airplane Mode ɷ Screen Ao Rotate ɷ Wifi Hotspot ɷ Volume toggle ɷ GPS* (shortc gps setngs) ɷ Four brightness modes (low, mid, high, ao). ɷ Ao brightness ɷ Flashlight ɷ Screen Alwa ɷ USB Ter ɷ Screen Time toggle ɷ Battery info ɷ Mulmedia btons (play/ next track/ prev track) ɷ Mulmedia me ɷ Added bluetooth ter toggle. ɷ Volume sliders ɷ Custom lication shortc ɷ Custom stem shortcs ɷ (*) Direct GPS toggle not possible due security restrictions android. ɷ Widget contain toggle btons beten 2 8 custom background bton colors. re-arrange a toggle bton, customization screen click bton move seekbar reposition. ɷ Widget also be added notification bar. ɷ android 4.0 widget be resized. ɷ use widget, long press homescreen, select widgets n select Por Controls widget. ɷ edit exist widget click home icon lication home screen.Widget also be placed notification bar from lication screen. ɷ Permissions: ɷ android.permission.CAMERA: Required flashlight work. ɷ android.permission.STEM_ALERT_WINDOW: required display a toggle choice popup when us notification widget ( gerbread) ɷ Note: gerbread, direct notification toggle not possible. click notification widget, it displa a popup choose an action. ɷ Note: After update exist widgets will remain me. customization options, will need a widget screen. ɷ FAQ ɷ 1) GPS toggle be sle click instead of a shortc stem setngs? ɷ No. Direct GPS toggle not possible due security restrictions android. ɷ 2) Where 4G toggle bton 2G toggle bton? ɷ re an unified mobile data toggle bton, which should work networks (2G/3G/4G). some mobiles Wimax toggle would also work. ɷ Simply t toggle change icon global setngs screen. icon display purpose serve no functionality changes. ɷ 3) flashlight not work my device. ɷ Flashlight supported a limited number of devices. I am not able support many devices I don’t have access those. ɷ 4) notification widget icon be removed. ɷ No. Current android API does not support a notification with an icon. instead use a transparent icon a battery icon. ɷ 5) notification widget pushed bottom when a notification arrives. ɷ Android currently does not support add a notification which alwa top. enable an accessibility which pushes widget top whenever a notification arrives. ɷ main lication screen, click pin icon notification section, enable “Por Controls” accessibility widget pin top of notification area. ɷ Jelly Beans (4.1), set notification priority minimum ( setngs) hie icon, b n widget will no longer be alwa top. ɷ 6) Why does requires CAMERA permission ɷ T required flashlight work. ɷ 7) I am unable uninstall . ɷ sure have deactivated Device administration. Go ɷ Setngs > Security > Device Admins > Por Controls > Deactivate. ɷ Feel free suggest more toggle bton ideas. Please read widget FAQ bee send me a mail. ɷ play: ɷ ɷ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...lubGVzcy5wYyJd ɷ Download: ɷ http://www.directmirror.com/files/1H2PS0OI ɷ

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