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Free Download ˼Ninesky Browser v2.4.4

Written By Josephine R Dansby on Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 4:59 PM

Ninesky Browser v2.4.4 ɷ
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Android: 2.1 up ɷ
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Ninesky most suitable browser Android mobile. ɷ It smarter faster than browsers. Ninesky pa more attenon Internet security protection of personally private data. ɷ Speed Dial Smart Address Bar help more conveniently fast type URL mobile. ɷ ɷ [break] ɷ use Cloud Bookmarks functions share bookmarks different mobile devices. not need worry ab los bookmarks when lose mobile change it. because long sync Cloud Bookmarks mobile, will get it. ɷ re are three wonderful search engines Ninesky browser. select favourite search engine Google, B Yahoo. ɷ It support HTML5 WWW b pages. use it play FLASH online video bsites. ɷ More improvements are ab content shar, easy us user experience mode. hope will love Ninesky browser help us improve it. Let us create a wonderful mobile browser toger. ɷ Features: ɷ Secure private protection ɷ - ɷ Porful secure protection includ detect security of sites. re will be warns when dangerous bsites are attack. will protect personally private data. ɷ Supports three search engines ɷ - ɷ re are three wonderful search engines Ninesky browser: Google, B Yahoo. ɷ Cloud bookmarks ɷ - ɷ have own Cloud bookmarks Ninesky browser sync lo bookmarks Cloud bookmarks. Do more fely protect data. ɷ Speed dial ɷ - ɷ re are eight speed dials homepage. Ninesky browser presets two popular bsites : Facebook Yube. ɷ Intelligent typ ɷ - ɷ just need type a few letters key words of bsite intelligent address bar will aomatily match popular bsites, bookmarks brows tory . ɷ Download file manager ɷ - ɷ conveniently use Ninesky browser download images files. Download icon will be displayed stem mesge bar. ɷ Brows tabs ɷ - ɷ Brows tabs makes brows mobile b easy us desktop. not need leave bpage open ors bsite. ɷ Mul-Touch-Zoom ɷ - ɷ Ninesky browser provides an amaz brows experience Mul-Touch Zoom. screen, us two fers easily t bigger smaller. Meanwhile, double-click screen zoom page. ɷ A variety of “Internet Modes” ɷ - ɷ re are three “Internet Modes” be chosen: ved traffic mode, No trace mode b optimization. ɷ Shortcs b page ɷ - ɷ keep press links, words images page when are brows, re will be show some shortcs: open window, ve bookmark, share content, ve picture, set wallpaper . ɷ Memory release ɷ - ɷ Install lications file SD card. mobile memory will be ved will run faster. ɷ View switch ɷ - ɷ View switch function set. freely switch view beten comper mobile. switch view Android, iPhone fari, iPad fari, Desktop Chrome Desktop Firefox. ɷ If have any suggestions, please tell me. (support@ninesky.com) ɷ /> ɷ ɷ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...inesky.browser ɷ Download Instructions: ɷ http://www.filecloud.ws/ogb7kulqeuqm ɷ http://mir.cr/DPNBOOBW

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