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Free Download ˼Llama – Location Profiles v1.2012.04.08.1347

Written By Josephine R Dansby on Sunday, September 2, 2012 | 12:00 PM

Llama – Location Profiles v1.2012.04.08.1347 ɷ
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Android: 2.1 up ɷ
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Phone go off at night? Annoy colleagues at work? Get Llama! ɷ Tired of phone buzz middle of night? Annoy colleagues by hav phone blast rtone at work? need Llama! ɷ Llama a Location Aware Mobile ɷ ɷ [break] ɷ Contents: ɷ - Intro ɷ - Comments ɷ - Permissions ɷ - Uninstall ɷ ** EMAIL ME if have any problems. Use contact developer bton market list PHONE ** ɷ **** ɷ * INTRO ɷ Llama uses phone masts determine location, change rer, vibrate rtones depend where are ll of . Llama provides sound profiles quickly switch beten quiet, loud, silent normal sound setngs. set family, wife children r even if phone set silent! create events home screen shortcs manage sound profiles more: ɷ -Silence phone at work ɷ -Turn Bluetooth ready connect headset a morn run ɷ -Set phone quiet when i late at night haven't gone ɷ -Start music player when a headset connected ɷ Llama also : ɷ 4G ɷ APN ɷ Accounts Sync ɷ Airplane Mode ɷ Bluetooth ɷ Car mode ɷ GPS (bee Android 2.3 Cyanogenmod) ɷ Haptic Feedback ɷ Kill lications (also ce-kill root privileges) ɷ Play, pause media btons ɷ Mobile Data (bee Android 2.3 ) ɷ Reboot ɷ Run s ɷ Run shortcs ɷ Screen brightness ɷ Screen lock PIN/password ɷ Set Llama variables ɷ Speakerphone ɷ Screen off ɷ Screen time ɷ USB storage ɷ Vibrate ɷ Wallpaper ɷ Wifi ɷ Wifi hotspot ɷ Wifi sleep policy ɷ Create events based off: ɷ Airplane mode ɷ Battery level ɷ Bluetooth devices ɷ endar events ɷ Car mode ɷ Charg ɷ of ek ɷ Current locations ɷ Headset ɷ Llama variable ɷ Music playback (stock Android , requires third party developer support) ɷ Phone start up sh down ɷ Screen off ɷ of ɷ Wifi networks ɷ NOTE: Since GPS not used, location track limited number of phone masts area. T will work best if live a populated area. If home work are covered by me phone masts, try us experimental Wifi-based location track. If still doesn't work, remove enter/exit conditions -based profiles. ɷ **** ɷ * COMMENT RESPONSES/RANTS ɷ I 't reply directly comments! If vote 1 star, please y why, orwise I 't fix it. Please email me ab any questions, bugs suggestions! ɷ - Komei, please point Android API 'break phone': http://developer.android.com/referen...ioManager.html I 't find it, b obviously know better. Ergh. ɷ - Arsts'Services - ** have ahorise any tranctions Google Play! s 't just access cards willy-nilly. Also I 't find email. Oh ll. ɷ - Jennifer, haven't taught Llama of cells at workplace ɷ - If it ce Closes, please email me /sdcard/Llama/LlamaLog.txt ɷ - Don't blame Llama lack of operator's phone masts area. still use Llama experimental location methods, -based events ɷ **** ɷ * PERMISSIONS ɷ -Read endar (aka ' personal inmation') any endar conditions set up ɷ -A bug/feature of Android means Llama also has have write endar permission, b it doesn't actually write anyth ɷ - accounts it run an account sync if events y ɷ -Write SD card import/export area, events profiles, write error logs ɷ -l-state read contacts let choose which of contacts still r even when silent ɷ -Llama DOES NOT have internet permission. data isn't go anywhere ɷ **** ɷ * UNINSTALL ɷ -If 've used screen off screen password actions, go Setngs > Security > Device Administrators, unck Llama from list, n uninstall ɷ **** ɷ * TAGS ɷ lama location based profiles based profiles aomatily change profiles aomatic sound profile switcher volume change purple monkey dishwasher ɷ /> ɷ ɷ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...om.kebab.Llama ɷ Download Instructions: ɷ http://www.filecloud.ws/w09o6xewvewk ɷ http://mir.cr/TF6UJKCY

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