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Free Download ˼JEFIT Pro - Workout & Fitness v4.3.0927

Written By Josephine R Dansby on Thursday, September 27, 2012 | 9:00 PM

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: 1.6+ ɷ
Get Many Paid Android s, Android s, Android mes , Iphone me, Iphone s, Iphone s Free
: Professional bodybuild, ight train work . Sync result PC. ɷ T Pro ads-free version of JEFIT Work lication, it includes functions from JEFIT Free plus some extra features pay users: ɷ Why JEFIT BEST Work : ɷ - Largest exercise rine database b lication ɷ - Full Two - Way Synchronization online JEFIT Profile. ɷ - Easiest way track works, create rines, body statistics lift progress, ves progress keep motivated furr exercis, fitness works. ɷ - Completely customizable rines exercises create a ekly work rine own. ɷ Work Rine Planner : ɷ - User friendly work rine manager. ɷ - Easily create own work rines base built- exercises custom exercises. ɷ - Adjustable sets each exercise. ɷ - Support mulple rines. Easily switch among Bulk,Cng,General Sport Specific rines. ɷ Smart Logg Stem : ɷ - Aomatic inp ight reps when do exercises. ɷ - Aomatic record 1RM (1 rep maximum) each set. ɷ - Aomatic ve best lift record each exercise. ɷ Two-Way Synchronization : ɷ - Synchronize iPhone Work Data Online Profile. ɷ - Store inmation data JEFIT Server recover info an instant ɷ - No need log into bsite record work data. ɷ - Synchronize download work rines onto phone ɷ Progress Track Stem : ɷ - Graphic chart track both body stats lift stats ɷ - Track ight,body fat, height, chest, waist, arms, shoulders, earms,neck,hip,thighs ves ɷ - Ao-culate BMI (Body Mass Index) ɷ Detailed Exercise Database : ɷ - Built- hundreds of ight train exercises categorized by body parts ɷ - Search Function allows ease of find search exercises works rines ɷ - Contain 500+ exercise instruction, animations tips ɷ - Track Cardio, ight Lift, Fitness Strength Train Exercises. ɷ - Instant Work Function allows users perm an exercise with hav edit rine ɷ Rest Timer : ɷ - Adjustable rest timer beten sets dur a work. ɷ - Reminder exercise need next ir work. ɷ - Show previous train logs of incom exercise while tak break. ɷ Progress Profile Photos ɷ - Ability take Progress/Profile Photos Phone's Built Camera ɷ - Upload Images JEFIT Profile with hav turn a comper -click uploads ɷ - Create Albums dedicated Progress Photos JEFIT bsite ɷ - Upload pictures instantly be set Profile Avatar Photos ɷ Interval Timer ɷ - Countdown interval timer perm exercises under a certain limit ɷ - Stop watch function works ɷ - click instant switch beten functions ɷ User Reviews: ɷ - “JEFIT BEST Work EVER! combination of downloadble rines mix up work ability graph track bodybuild progress online” ɷ - “JEFIT best bodybuild lication market, go gym with it” ɷ - “T bodybuild perfect” ɷ - “I have used previous bodybuild s b t takes cake, works are easier track I go gym with it” ɷ - “Hands down best bodybuild available, I Love It!” ɷ *Note: ilize synchronization feature, a JEFIT.com Account required back up data keep track of statistics JEFIT bsite. Create a FREE JEFIT Account at http://www.jefit.com. ɷ more questions ansrs, go our FAQ page JEFIT bsite. more inmation ab JEFIT Android Work/Bodybuild lication, view our Features page download Android User Manual. ɷ JEFIT Android lication brought by JEFIT Inc, of fastest grow work bodybuild lication bsite to. JEFIT a try see why millions of users have chosen JEFIT Work lication benefit ir works exercises. ɷ 's t version: ɷ 1.) Fixed a bug causes random crashes when sync JEFIT server. ɷ play: ɷ ɷ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...LmZpdC5wcm8iXQ.. ɷ Download: ɷ http://www.directmirror.com/files/EVVA3ICJ ɷ

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