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Free Download ˼gReader Pro (Google Reader) v2.9.9

Written By Josephine R Dansby on Sunday, September 23, 2012 | 11:59 AM

gReader Pro (Google Reader) v2.9.9 ɷ
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Android OS 1.5+ ɷ
Get Many Paid Android s, Android s, Android mes , Iphone me, Iphone s, Iphone s Free
gReader an unofficial Google Reader client Android. Read rss/feed place Google Reader, where keep up favorite bsites easy check email. ɷ ɷ ɷ FEATURES (PRO): ɷ * Support developers ɷ * Ad free version ɷ * Better Widgets (Ticker) ɷ * Download Podcasts ɷ * Voice-Read ɷ FEATURES: ɷ * Google Reader synchronization: Use gReader at home, at office, anywhere go keep feeds, tags shared items synched place. ɷ * 2-Way Sync: Synchronize read items beten gReader Google Reader. Keep arcles up--date ɷ * Ao synchronization ɷ * User Interface: Simple, fast intuitive ɷ * Tablet optimized: Read more comtable a tablet ɷ * mes: Light, Black Dark ɷ * Night Mode: Read arcles white font black background. ve battery increase readability night. ɷ * Offline Read full arcle content ɷ * Mark read scroll ɷ * Podcast support (stream) ɷ * Voice-Read (t--Speech) ɷ * Folders / Tags support ɷ * Notification ɷ * Share arcles via Email, Facebook, Twitter, ... ɷ * Services: Tranlation, Mobilizer ɷ * ve Pocket (Read it later) / Instapaper / Readability ɷ * Search feature: Search filter keywords, ve search results ɷ * Sort: by nest, by oldest, by feed ɷ * Quick swipe actions: faster access funons ɷ * Rich arcle list (snippet thumbnail) ɷ * Widget: Icon widget unread badge ɷ * Easy Read: Read mode view, inverse bpage color ɷ * Quick actions, Swipe actions ɷ * Fullscreen mode: Enlarge read space ɷ * Recommended items / sources ɷ * HTTPS connection: Use Http Secure get feeds ɷ * 2SD ɷ * OAH ɷ * Backup/Restore: Backup/Restore preferences ɷ 's t version: ɷ * If encounter any issues feel free contact us. ɷ * Dible Hardware acceleration (Setngs->Look Feel->HA) if arcle view closes aomatily. ɷ 's v2.9.9 ɷ * Fix: Issue Load link from cache v2.9.8 ɷ 's v2.9.8 ɷ * : Adopt sort order of folders from Google Reader ɷ * : Setng Aoload read mode cache mode ɷ * Change: List font size does not ly subscription list anymore ɷ * Fix: Crashes JB: Dible HW Acceleration ɷ ɷ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...ader.readerpro ɷ http://www.directmirror.com/files/1Q3VRSPH ɷ mirror: ɷ http://depositfiles.com/files/6ksl9o30m

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