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Free Download ˼Boat Browser (AdFree) v4.4.1

Written By Josephine R Dansby on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 | 4:59 PM

Boat Browser (AdFree) v4.4.1 ɷ
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Android v2.1+ ɷ
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Boat Browser first android browser which supports voice commands. “Google Voice Search” needed feature work. ɷ ɷ ɷ Boat Browser a fast, smart cool mobile browser; it will amaz premium b experience. It fully customizable, could easily change bton's location , furrmore, could install favorite -ons browser more porful. ɷ ’s special? ɷ 1. - ɷ - unlimited expansion of browser. Customize browser by install Boat - enhance experience when brows. se features will be found easily Side Toolbar after installation. ɷ * will connue develop a variety of popular fashion -ons. keep browser up ! ɷ 2. More Customizable ɷ have optimized default features listed (Side) Toolbar. Hover, alwa customize m : re-arrange, remove btons. Just by dragg correspond icon. ɷ addition toolbar, also personalize me Volume Ke. Actually, could set volume key's action switch tabs, scroll up/down page zoom page. choose browser UI's color . ɷ More style mes will be supported soon. ɷ 3. Porful Bookmarks Management ɷ Bookmarks Manager supports folder, dragg, batch delete, import, export sync stock browser bookmarks (sync bookmarks from chrome browser will be supported soon). ɷ 4. Side Toolbar – UI design ɷ Side toolbar has integrated version 3.4. Hope it a brows experience from now . ɷ 5. Speed dial ɷ favorite bsites into speed dial, keep m handy :) ɷ Boat Browser also supply some advanced features such , ɷ - Video & Flash Video & Yube Video Support ɷ - Voice Comm Voice Search ɷ - Support SD function ɷ - Support Cache SD function ɷ - Easy Download ɷ - User Agent Switch ɷ - Mul-touch Pinch Zoom ɷ - easy copy/paste ɷ It also supplies many useful features, which could brows experience more efficient! Come try m immediately! y be found easily by search below key worlds Google Play: ɷ 1. Boat Facebook - ɷ 2. Boat b2PDF - ɷ 3. Boat Tab tory - ɷ 4. Boat URL Shortener - ɷ Ads bookmark, buy license key remove ads. ɷ Anyway, i a browser , if have any problem ab it, please feel free let us know. ɷ Our Email: boatbrowser@gmail.com ɷ Find more of us via: ɷ Twitter - http://twitter.com/BoatBrowser ɷ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/boatmobile ɷ bsite - http://www.boatmob.com/ ɷ Recent changes: ɷ Version 4.4.1 update: ɷ 1. Bug Fix: Speed dial link not work when tap it. ɷ 2. Bug Fix: Titlebar gone when open a tab Android 4.1. ɷ Version 4.4 update: ɷ 1. Support various personalized mes match style. Notebook style Starry Night style me are now available; please check m me manager page. More mes will be released recently, please keep an eye us. ɷ 2. Support setng boat browser default browser. find it setngs page ɷ 3. Fix several bugs. ɷ Less description » ɷ Latest version: 4.4.1 ( Android version 2.1 higher, supports 2SD) ɷ Note: licens-key not need. ɷ T has NO adversement ɷ /> ɷ ɷ

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...atbrowser.free ɷ Download Instructions: ɷ http://ul./bi3d702s ɷ http://turbobit.net/e8to9ndbju5l.html ɷ http://rapidgator.net/file/46244372 ɷ http://mir.cr/H8KKVGUU

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